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"Buddy's skills and talents were impressive from the day he was hired, and his abilities grew with his experience. He was incredibly capable in understanding what was needed, visually, for any and all campaigns assigned to him; as he became more familiar with the work he also became an asset in a consultative role, meeting with me and directly with customers in order to better understand their needs and communicate his creative vision effectively. He has a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve. His cartooning and illustrative skills are exceptional."
–Cheryl Baker, VP, Marketing, EPCO Communications

"Buddy has an innate ability to comprehend technical limitations imposed by functional and commercial printing processes. He is capable of working across departments to deliver the best consumer preferred experience quickly. His passion and dedication is clearly demonstrated in the quality of his work."
–Rodrigo Pineiro, Manager, Process Development, Crayola

"I had the pleasure to work directly with Buddy on a number of key packaging projects at Crayola. Buddy is able to take key communication strategies and apply highly creative solutions. From simple line extens ion packaging to developing out of the box new sub-brands, Buddy brings a level of excellence to both. I always found working with Buddy enjoyable and appreciated the perspective and point of view he brought to all our projects."
–Jeffrey Rogers, Director of Marketing, Crayola

"I've known and worked with Buddy his entire career at CRAYOLA. Working with Buddy I found him particularly creative and focused. Buddy knows how to execute great ideas and get the job done. From up-front raw ideation to conversion into a finished product, Buddy represents the "whole package" – everything you need from a world-class graphic designer."
–Steve Dashe, Manager, Inventor Relations and External Innovation, Crayola

"Buddy is a creative force who always strives for excellence with passion and attitude. He can turn a marketing brief into a consumer design you will love. Buddy will deliver not only the expected, but the unexpected solution that makes you nod your head and say, "yes, that's it!!" I enjoyed working with Buddy at Crayola and would love to work with him again."
–Steve Platt, Product Manager, Crayola


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