Get to know a designer. Specifically, me...

My Story:
I've been in the industry for 15 years already, with a diverse background in a lot areas of design and brand development. I have designed for million dollar product lines, small "Mom & Pop" companies and everything in between. I bring a passion and excitement to every project, trying to put 110% into everything I touch.
My Pastimes:
I dabble in a lot of things, but I am a master of nothing (besides design). I love sports and play a lot of volleyball. I am musically inclined and enjoy singing, playing the harmonica and piano. I also enjoy teaching design, which I am doing for the first time currently at the local community college. Being a mentor and sharing what I have with others is what gets me up in the morning.
Most Proud Of:
Earning my MFA in Graphic Design while working full-time at Crayola and trying to be a good husband and friend to others.
Disney Imagineer on a brand new ride for one of their parks. I use to create my own "Haunted Mansion" in my bedroom when I was a kid-I still haven't let this dream go.
Secret Addiction:
Cheesecake. I will seriously wrap myself in a giant pink bathrobe and get a pedicure while watching "Days of Our Lives" if you hook me up with a big old slice of cheesecake. 'Nuff said.
Favorite Place:
At home in my wife's arms. I am a simple person with simple needs.
Favorite Design:
Hard to put my finger on just one design. Everyone has a special place in my heart, and has made a positive impact my client's brand.
Children. Just watch their creativity at work and I know if I can capture 1/100th of that energy and passion in my own creations, I will hit a home run every time.
If I won an Oscar for my life I'd thank:
I would thank Jesus for the blessings he has bestowed upon me: my family, my wife, and my friends who have supported me throughout my life's adventures. I would also thank Poof, my hamster, but she would still nibble on my finger when I try to pet her in her cage. Tough love I guess.

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